Construction Features of the Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

Frame Material:

silver plate and frame heat exchanger

SEC Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers come standard with an epoxy painted carbon steel frame, AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel and Titanium frames are also available. Plate and Frame heat exchangers are perfectly suited for industrial, commercial, process, marine, aquaculture, HVAC, heat recovery, refrigeration, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, clean room and many other heating and cooling applications.

All SEC Plate and Frame units have heavy duty frames for maximum pressure rating. Depending on the unit size frames of AISI 304 stainless, in solid or clad are available. SEC Plate and Frame units have certifications meeting your industry standards. (ASME, PED, ISO, DNV, CRN) Connection Options.

plate components for heat exchanger

Plate Selection:

AISI 316L plates is the minimum standard quality for robust performance. Additional grades include ANSI 304 Stainless, Titanium and Hastalloy.

Gasket Material:

A wide range of Nitrile, EPDM, RCB and Viton materials are available for Industrial and Food applications. EPDM is supplied as the standard gasket material, with the final selection being made for each plate and frame unit quoted based on Thermal duty.


Gaskets and Plates are kept in stock for fast delivery. Gasket Tag Diagram

Plate Reconditioning:

A Plate Reconditioning service is available as an additional service for most Plate Heat exchanges (PHE), not just SEC units.

Full Service Gaskets:

An extensive range of gaskets covers most manufacturers plate and frame units.

Retro Fit Units:

We can replace existing Plate and Frame Heat Exchanges without any pipe Rework, a tremendous saving in time and capital expenditure.

24 Hour Service:

Many of our customers operate 24 hours a day, so does SEC Plate and Frame.