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Working principle

A plate and frame heat exchanger is a very efficient heat transfer device. Specially formed individual plates, normally of 0.5/0.6mm thickness are assembled to form the SEC Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers "plate pack." A gasket, of suitable material, between the plates, seals the fluid and directs the flow. The end frames and heavy threaded rods compress the plate pak to create a highly effecient heat transfer device. The fluid flows through ports located on the frame(s). The location of these ports is dependant on the particular flow characteristics required by the heat transfer application.

The most common plate heat exchanger type is where fluids pass through the heat exchanger once. This is referred to as a single pass unit and in this instance all of the inlet and outlet ports are located on one of the end frames.

When the application requires very close temperature differences between the fluids, a multi-pass heat exchanger may be required. Inlet and outlet connections can be located on either of the end frames.